2 October 2022

What Should You Expect From Media Buying Return–The Untold Truth Nobody Wants You to Know

Malak Mitch

Starting and growing a business requires a great deal of digital advertising (Aka. Media Buying). 

Growing your brand genuine and consistent growth demands the gentle push of advertising. 

Research predicts that global digital ad spending to exceed $645 billion by 2024. (Statista)

With the tremendous rise in digital advertising and media buying, every business is looking for only proven and systematic ways to take their growth graphs to the next level. 

And the most significant factors everybody considers are “Quality, Time & Cost.”

That should paint you a picture of expectations regarding business growth with digital advertising.

Brand Building Sucks Time

Speedy & low-cost growth is like a big dream or a shining star in the sky of many, if not most, businesses. 

“We want to build our brands at a quick pace. “ Most business owners fell for this shiny trap. 

A trap that some scam marketers built over the years. 

But the truth is that authentic & long-term brand development takes time. 

And many of us who have gone through this journey can relate to this fact.

Research also shows that it takes 12 to 18 months to develop a brand with a solid foundation.

Branding vs. Sales, Key Difference!

“Branding is about who you are: your values and beliefs. It is also about how you present yourself to the world: how your clients and potential clients perceive you. ”

That is the holistic approach to branding. 

The detailed approach includes the development of business assets like logos, design schedules, mission & vision statements, consistent themes for marketing, and more. 

In a Zendesk survey, 87% of consumers said consistent branding across all online and traditional platforms was crucial.

On the other hand, when we talk about sales, it’s simply the process of selling your products or services to your potential customers. 

“A sale is a transaction between two or more parties that involves the exchange of tangible or intangible goods, services, or assets for money” (Investopedia)

So, keep these two things separate in your conscious & sub-conscious mind because “Branding” has nothing to do with “Sales.” Yes, it will affect your sales when your brand has grown to greater heights, but not at the start. 

The Algorithm & Our Approach To Media Buying

media buying

It’s a well-known fact that every advertising platform follows specific patterns or algorithms.

Understanding this algorithm is extremely important if we want to yield better results.

Every platform’s algorithm operates differently. 

And it’s an arduous job to understand these algorithms to extract the juice out of them for successful advertising & media buying.

Further, these algorithms are constantly updating and upgrading, requiring constant effort to keep pace.

Let’s dive into the process your brand must go through to be identified by different algorithms.

Whenever any brand or business interacts with these algorithms (during media buying), these algorithms start reading your brand. 

It is a slow, recurring and continuous process, which facilitates the algorithms to collect all the necessary data, and statistics to understand the core of the business or brand.

Once your business or brand aligns with the algorithms patterns, you will see a spectacular uplift in your business growth graph that will be long-term, consistent & reliable in terms of sales and revenue generation. 

Beware of FAST Results, Trap!

media buying

You must have seen tons of offers from different individuals, agencies & companies claiming “Fast” media buying results. 

You should know that it is all simply a delusion, and there is no foundation beneath it.


Anyone can give you fast & instant results—nothing complicated about it.

But no one will tell you this; these results will be instant, temporary, and short-term with high costs. 

That will ultimately leave you with nothing except the regrets of being attracted by short-term charms and timely results. 

The real thing is to choose the one who can claim long-term, consistent, reliable, specific, and measurable solid outcomes. 

Because such results will not only give you profit but also uplift your bottom line and brand as a whole. 

Why Educate The Algorithm In Media Buying?

A question that might pop up in your mind after understanding the algorithm.

All the algorithms use artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out operations.

Educating the algorithm in media buying means we are providing the algorithm with the perfect data, time, and money to operate at its optimum level.

Anything above or below this optimum level will disturb the mechanics of the algorithm. 

Due to this, you can face a severe loss of time and money.

You might be familiar with different testing carried out during advertising, which is also a part of educating the algorithm and empowering it to find the most suitable and hot audience for your brand.

What if we don’t educate the algorithm enough? Can I get results?

Yes, you will get instant results if you invest lots of money.

But the velocity with which results came will vanish at the same or even higher rate. 

Any wise man can see what a waste of investment that would be. 

Why spend your whole budget on short-term results when you can invest the same amount (or even less in the long term) and get better long-lasting results?

If you are serious about spending your digital advertising budget wisely, here is How to Increase Your Return on Digital Advertising Spending.

Real Estate Investment = Media Buying Investment

media buying

Are you wondering how we can equate the term “Investment”  from the two domains? 

Let us help you capture the concept. 

Many, if not most, of us are familiar with real estate investment. 

We invest in a real estate asset and wait until the prices go up, then we sell the asset to earn profits. 

But, you know this “wait” is often a time duration of 5 to 10 years or sometimes less than five years. 

Building on the same patterns, digital advertising, in a true sense, takes time to develop a brand.

However, this timeframe is much shorter than real estate or any other physical business.

Because whatever business you’re doing, even a tiny shop, every business takes time to develop and capture its market share. 

So, it’s much better to understand this timeframe than running after timely charms. 

Here are some of the quick questions that might be wandering in the jungles of your mind if you’re looking for branding & growth:

How much do I need to invest?

It depends upon many factors, including your business nature, short and long-term goals, target market, product pricing, time frame, and results in quality and quantity, to name a few.

What will be the ROI?

ROI is short for Return On investment. 

In digital advertising, it is ROAS “Return On Ad Spend.” We usually target a range between 3X to 7X in several case studies. 

Again, it depends upon certain factors involved to get an exact figure.

 However, the range is the same as mentioned above.

How much time does a brand require for genuine growth & actual long-term results?

 As you know, developing a brand or business in the physical world needs some time and push at the start to get lucrative results. 

Similarly, in the digital world, things take time if you are looking for real-time genuine & solid results, not instant, temporary, and high-cost results. 

However, in the digital world, time is much shorter than physical time. 

It could be 1 to 3 years, depending upon your brand and investment.

Why should I trust you as a media buyer?

That’s an excellent question because it’s a matter of your brand career and the future of investment. 

Honestly speaking, we just give you the direction & criteria that will help you to end up with the finest selection. 

Choose a media buying agency that fulfills these criteria:

  1. Must have a good team of experts 
  2. Must have case studies to show you actual results 
  3. Should have a website & active social media
  4. Should have a physical presence along with digital 
  5. Must have a proven framework & strategy to discuss with you 
  6. Must be truthful & sincere to you and tell you the truth instead of sugar-coating everything 
  7. Must have a keen understanding of all the algorithms and advertising secrets etc.

Those bullet points should add a real-time VALUE to your thirst for searching for the right option. 


I know “Overnight” success attracts & everyone is looking for instant results. 

But there are no shortcuts to long-lasting and real success. 

Why should there be? 

Because that’s the journey your business will travel and build the muscles required to face the unlimited challenges and obstacles of the future.

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